Is this IDM? My latest Play jam

I am really loving the Play. It’s so easy to get up and going and bash out something interesting, then jazz it up even more with the performance FX. Here’s my latest efforts.


This is great, love the textures you get from hitting the the repeats and rearrange buttons in performance mode.

I feel like the Play is just a perfect fit for some people, I am also one of those people.

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Hell yeah. Performance mode is one of the most awesome things about the Play. Even without consciously writing or composing new variations, you can get really interesting wee trills and changes that way. Super cool. I would love a way to automate/record some of that stuff so it would be captured in the stem exports as well.

There’s so many ways to use Play, I appreciate that it doesn’t force you into a single workflow, and gives you options for spicing up compositions. It’s great.

On recording performance mode, I like this but no idea if that is feasible. Please make a feature request and we can all find out! How this Wishlist works


@ambivalence was faster: Recording performance on Play :slight_smile:

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