Is there a way to apply multiple Chance effects simultaneously?

I want to apply multiple Chance effects simultaneously, such as using PlayStep and Humanize at the same time. Alternatively, is there a way to ‘print’ the results of effects such as Humanize, similar to the Randomizer?


Hi, @alter effects: PlayStep and Humanize can be used one-by-one meaning, these cannot be used simultaneously. You can experiment with the effects by saving and/or undoing them until you find a spark :slight_smile:

Thanks! Is there a way to apply the effect of Humanize to the values of Micromove and determine the result?

Hi, you can manually set up micromoves and then use humanize to randomize those values further.
Or can you please describe what results you would like to achieve?

As I wrote earlier, I simply want to “print” the result of the Chance effect and apply another chance effect to it, similar to Randomization.(Randomize > Save > Randomoize …)

Hi @alter, chance doesn’t allow “printing” results into the pattern at this stage.

Understood. Thank you!