Is there a possibility to render a midi track (external synth) via line-in?

Pretty much what the topic says. :slight_smile:

I think the term for that is: “bouncing”. Maybe I just missed the option. Otherwise I’d really like to see that feature in a future firmware release, if technically possible. As far as I know it’s currently “not even” possible to record a sample while the tracker is running, which would already help. It’d be easy to just solo the track and record from line-in.

Just a friendly suggestion. :smiley:

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That is already possible. You can sequence an external device via MIDI and then play that sequence in the sample recorder to “sample” the resulting output into the tracker via Line-In :v:

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Ya think? o.O

(sorry for the grime…I’ve been outdoors with that thing…and it shows… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Did you start the sequence outside of the Sample Recorder first? You can actually start the playback from within the Sample Recorder.

  • Pressing Play will then loop the active pattern
  • Pressing Shift + Play will run through the entire song structure

Oh c’mon… yes I did… :rofl:

Now that I’ve tried to start the sequence from within the recorder it works… I just got frustrated because it stops when first opening the recorder…


:smirk: , yeah that’s to keep you on your toes :joy:

Glad you got it working :heart: