Is the pattern chain playback behaviour incorrect?

I cannot tell the Play to play back a pattern more than once in chain mode, correct? That being the case, if I need a pattern to play, say, 4 times in sequence, I have to copy/paste it 3 times to make a run of 4.

Now let’s say my pattern has a “play 1, skip 3” chance setting on it.

If I play my pattern chain, each pattern plays from position 1, i.e. as if it was the first play of that pattern. That being the case, the “play 1, skip 3” chance setting isn’t honoured.

But this then means that all Chance settings are basically redundant if you’re trying to compose a song by chaining patterns, because in Chain mode it will only ever play the pattern once and then move on, and it ignores any chance value based on the pattern playing more than once.

If I’m correct - and I’m kinda hoping I’m not - then that’s a bit of an oversight on the architecture of the Play, no? Only IMO chained patterns should recognise when the chain contains a run of the same pattern and apply Chance parameters to it.

Is that fair to say, or am I wrong on any of the above?

You cannot tell the play to playback more than once in chain mode you are correct, copy and pasting the same pattern won’t resolve the chance actions triggering issue.

The workaround for this would be to slow down one of you tracks to 1/4 speed, or 1/2 or 1/16, then the rest of your pattern’s track would play through until the slow track is finished. If you have an extra track to spare this is easy. If you are using all eight tracks try to adjust the triggers on one track if possible.
Usually I have a track with a background or foley loop on the 1 so I slow that track.


Interesting! Thanks for the tip Mitch - I’ll give that a go!