Individual track resolution/speed

I would definitely agree that votes matter quite a bit.
I don’t think i’d (personally) invest significant development time on a feature that nobody wants :joy:

Yeah, but wearing my product hat, I’m thinking it depends on what the product vision is too. For example, you tend to get votes from a core community but that may not be representative of the audience the product team wants to bring this product to.

I see lots of marketing material on their site attempting to demystify the concept of trackers and the vertical scrolling, which clearly is targeting people with no previous experience with trackers. This makes me think that they are looking to attract a larger market and perhaps make trackers less complex.

The 2-slot limit of FX can be seen as one of those examples. And in that light, they may have a vision in mind when prioritizing features and only use votes as one of many parameters which guides their prioritization. That’s how I’d think about it, anyway. :blush:

But regardless, they will probably adapt features to their taste regardless of specific suggestions of a particular feature so having two flavors of what is essentially the same thing makes little sense. Let’s close this one. :ok_hand:

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I think you are pretty spot on with this. Polyend clearly has a design direction in mind and has stated as much on previous wishes as well.

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As concluded. This wish will be closed in favor of:

This wish can always be opened up again at some point in the future.

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