Importing mod file and saving the project deletes imported instruments

Bug Description

Importing modfiles and saving as project deletes instruments.

This does not happen to all modfiles. Some work, other partially. Some have no sounds/instruments after saving. They all work after importing (before saving).
Maybe the sample names in the samplepool cause this. Because after renaming them, it seems to save the project properly.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Import mod
  2. Save mod as tracker project
  3. Open the saved project again


*bug is reproducible sometimes

Found in


Hi @d4g , sorry you’re having issues and thanks for your report. First of all, I must point out that we don’t plan to invest more time into improving this feature at this moment. But we can log it for future reference. In order to do so, please attach the mod files you’re having issues with so we can reproduce the exact problem you’re seeing. Thanks for your support!

Thanks for the reply.
The import mod functionality is good enough for me,
It’s just that on the 1.8 firmware, the imported mods lose instruments and samples when saving. Which seems to be related to the weird symbols in the instrument/sample list. They all play normally before saving. It worked on the older firmwares, at least I did not encounter problems saving them.
So it’s just the saving of mods that is the problem, the import function is fine.
I will upload the mod later this evening.

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