Immediate FX-Release Config-Option for Performance Mode

It would be nice to turn off the push and lock fx mode in main menu, just like it’s possible to turn off click on encoder surface to change function.

I’d be down for that. personally I never want em to latch, so it’s a question of holding them long enough that they’re momentary. I’d defo like the option of turning it off in the settings.

Technically this is already possible, but i’ve had it misfire on me quite a few times.

From the manual:

Tapping a pad will trigger and latch an effect. Holding a pad will
temporarily trigger the effect. Selected effects are lit brighter than
other pads.

I’m guessing the time you have to hold a pad is probably the issue in my case.
An option in the config that changes the behaviour (on a per project basis) would help make those misfires less of an issue.

Let me know if you would like to make this an official wish, then i’ll change the post to an actual wish and add the official wish template.

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