I'm tired of instability

I ran into problems with Play again. Last night I created a folder and put some voice samples in there. Then I made the track length 32 steps, arranged the steps randomly and randomized the start of the session. After that, I decided to add the same randomization to individual steps, also the chance of triggering for the length of the sample… Play froze and made a high-pitched sound. Only turning off the power helped. After turning on the track with voice samples there was no ((
Lately I have been reluctant to turn on the device, as I constantly encounter problems and freezes…

Does it happen every time you use your Play or only occasionally?

Do you have a range of varying issues or is it always the same kind of instability?

Are your problems similar to other things reported here as a Bug or is it something else?

What power source are you using? Have tried with another? I’m asking because I sometimes run into similar issues if I’m running it from a powerbank that’s running low on juice.


Problems arise from time to time; when selecting samples, there was a freeze with the latest firmware. After the update, early projects are not loaded.
In one word, “I’m tired of instability”
All these problems arose when powered from the mains.

I totally get this.
Its just so distracting when you just want to make music when you find some time to do so.

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Twas the same with the Tracker for the longest of time until enough people were complaining and they finally released a firmware update which at least solved the freezing of the unit. Freezing units and high pitched sounds seem to be an ongoing thing for Polyend in their range of products. I wonder why that is…