How do I find what scale and root note each demo pack is performed?

I’d like to use the demos as a base to learn the play but as I play on my synth I’m constantly struggling with what key and scale…and when I look at Scales that’s just a method to set a filter…which is going to be helpful I think.

@tallguyclark sorry for the late reply, and I’m not even sure how good of a reply this is, but…

The Play manual says:

All melodic samples should be tuned in C,

Whether this advice has been followed by the official sample packs, I don’t know. But going for C is quite a standard practice for samples, and when not they usually have the note/chord in the sample name.

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Thanks. Will the packs transpose if I set ie D#minor?

Set the scale filter to D# minor - and yeah, melodies will sound a bit different in each key as the scale filter just moves to the closest note in the selected key but then you can jam with it.

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