Having difficulty controlling synth envelope

I find I have trouble making the synth envelopes do what I want. namely slow attack + long sustain & release (for pad sounds).

I select the tracks, adjust the envelope in the patch edit, increase the note length, but the attack generally doesn’t get to what I want.

it always sounds like I’ve a short decay n low sustain & release goin on somewhere. even when I have em all maxxed.

Im sure I’ll eventually figure out what I’m doing wrong. like, I’ve been doing synthesis for years :joy:
I guess I’m still getting to grips with the way the play synths operate in conjunction with their sequences.

any tips on some play synth logic I’m not quite getting?

Im probably missing something obvious.

ah ok, it’s cause the init patches have a bunch of envelope modulations active by default. they were tripping me up.
I’ve reset em & saved new init patches. sorted :+1: