Hanging Notes - External Midi

Hey folks, just been playing with my tracker and 1010music Fireball this week while on holiday and having an issue with my sets that’s causing hanging notes - it didn’t used to happen but I’ve tried reverting back to earlier firmwares but it still happens. I’m on firmware 1.6 on the tracker.

If I start a new set and start adding some chords in its fine but when I start adding more sampled instruments on new tracks it seems to start hanging and the notes carry over into the next notes so it stacks.

Anyone else has this or got a fix?

In settings, is “Midi transport” set to ON?
I always include OFF messages to midi instruments just in case.
If your midi notes are on separate tracks, they will stack.

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I’ve tried adding off messages as well and they continue after stopping playback. Transport it set to on too.

i had similar issue. somehow sustain pedal setting became ON on my synth. i turned it off. Never used this function BTW.

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Interesting I’ll take a look at that