General appreciation of Tracker & Play, in comparison to other 'boxes

I just wanted to throw down this appreciation post for Polyend’s products…

I started making music in 1999 on a BOSS DR-5 drum machine. It was hard to use, but it was all I had.

In 2019, I started making music again. I make hip-hop, and I do it all myself. Since then I’ve bought the following grooveboxes/samplers:

Ridiculous gear list
  • Akai MPC One
  • Roland MC-101
  • Roland TR-6s
  • Roland Verselab MV-1
  • Roland SP-404mk2
  • Novation Circuit Rhythm
  • Sonicware SMPLtrek
  • Dirtywave M8 (OG)
  • Elektron Model:Cycles (Sold)
  • Elektron Model:Samples
  • Polyend Tracker (OG)
  • Polyend Tracker Mini
  • Polyend Play+
  • Teenage Engineering PO-133
  • Teenage Engineering PO-32
  • Teenage Engineering OP-Z
  • 1010music Blackbox

The Polyend Trackers and Play are the most usable and well-designed gear I’ve ever had. They’re the right balance (for me) of playability, programmability, power, and portability. YES, I have unfulfilled wishes, like everyone else. But as a UX and visual designer by trade, I absolutely have to sing Polyend’s praises. They’ve got some special sauce as far as I’m concerned, and I’m a customer for life.

My favorite box ever, to-date, is my Tracker Mini. It goes everywhere with me. Can’t get enough. I’m sure I’d say the same of a Play Mini :wink:

:rocket: :poland: THANK YOU, POLYEND! :clap: :tada:

You’ve made my re-entry into music a deeply enjoyable experience. Sorry for not saying so more often! And nice to meet you at NAMM '23!