[Fixed] My Play+ is absolutely dead

Right now I was loading a sample from SD. It froze several minutes. Nothing worked (buttons, on/off) so I decided to unplug the main power cable. Now my play+ has totally dead. No power.

Any ideas? It’s an 800 EUR device :frowning:

Well after a few minutes I tried on another power outlet and worked again. The key here I think is wait several minutes. At the begining it didn’t power up. Now works.

Glad it’s working again :heart:

That seems odd, do you per chance have buzzing noises on the audio?
Could maybe be an indication that something is up with the power supply.

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Think this should be pinned

:pushpin:If your Play doesn’t turn on its probably your House !



Thanks, no noises, except my play+ make a huge noise when it’s off. I was loading a bunch of samples on the pool, maybe too fast, and froze. Unplug the USB c cacle after minutes and then didn’t power up in any way. Waiting several minutes and power on another outlet and worked.

I’ve extracted the SD card too and power without it

Do you mind if we prefix the title with “Fixed”? Just in order to make it look a little less dramatic when scrolling past it in the forum overview :slight_smile:

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Yes, please, absolutely.

I’m going to recap here what I’ve done.

  1. I was loading a bunch of samples manually, no folders, at fast rate. I guess that there was a overload in the device

  2. The unit froze. Then I wait but nothing worked (no buttons, power, nothing) Tried to power up several times but nothing, it doesn’t work. So I unplugged the USB C power in the device.

  3. I’ve extracted the SD card to check in the computer if it was corrupted (original Play+) card.

  4. After some minutes, I’ve changed the power outlet and power up without SD card. All perfect. Power off, insert original card and power in from the original power outlet.

Sorry for the English and feel free to edit. Hope this helps in a future :slight_smile:



And thanks for a thorough explanation, in case anyone runs into the same issue.

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