Features wishes…

  1. Pan randomisation.
  2. Saving Mutes and Solo in patterns.
  3. Ability to “bake in” chance settings.
  4. Visual indicator of which “page” is currently playing - could be a tiny grid on the Play button showing the play progress, or a low brightness light on the right hand side buttons.



Hi @unruhe_modular, thank you for contributing your wishes! We are starting to build a community wishlist. Wishes must be submitted on #wishlist:draft-wishes. See Writing a good feature request.

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I’ve been using the forum on the phone and could not find a nominated area for the wish lists.
I found one post by someone else and all I could see was “reply”, but no harassing to the main area.

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No worries, we are building up this new forum and still finding our ways. :slightly_smiling_face:

On mobile, users can click the menu icon (three lines) at the top right and from there they can access all the forum categories and more.

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Recovering this early topic from the Backstage testing phase to see whether @unruhe_modular or anyone else would like to bring any of these feature requests to #wishlist:draft-wishes.

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