Double the steps per pattern by killing half of the patterns

What is the problem?

steps are limited to 64 steps per pattern .

What should this feature achieve?

get more than 64 steps per pattern . it would be useful in some situations to have a possibility to choose to double up the steps per pattern by sacrificing the half of the patterns per project .
i dont know how this could be done that the workflow doesnt get lost but on the other side to have 128 steps per pattern i would accept a bit like old roland machines submenu chaos.

###Are there any workarounds?
chain the loops together , but thats not really the same

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

feel free to edit my text if something isnt correct worded for the forum rules . i try to do my best but who knows :slight_smile:

Found a simple way the other day to convert a 64 step to a 128, it’s not ideal but for me it works perfect. Place at the last page (page 4) the fills that you want to make a transition and choose in that steps a chance to Skip 1 Play 1. Sorry if it’s a bit logical but I’ve been doing a project and for me it works perfect.

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thank you :slight_smile: i know that chance thing is a good way of extending the complexity of patterns.
but i want real 128 steps with all possibilities the play offers for 64 step patterns …

Could work without sacrificing anything and offer up to 1024 steps per track within a pattern:

oh thats also a good idea:-)
but i dont want to lose the variations to get more steps . to me there are more than enough patterns per project . and i dont really use half of all patterns in any of my projects . so exchanging half of the patterns to get more steps is to me the prefered method.
but of cause if theres any other way that will make it possible to extend the steps that polyend willdo it will be very ok to me

i read it all now and yes your solution would turn things in a cool direction .if this is the way how it will go , if theres a way , who knows, i would be happy .
if would have readed this wish earlier i didnt would write this one ….

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Would you like me to keep this wish active, or do you prefer to bring more focus on the wish that @ambivalence linked earlier?

the other wish is very well defined and makes it possible what i wanted with my wish . better concentrate to one . so yes it can be deleted . sorry i read next time more in the forum if something already exists as wish before i ask for

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No worries at all. As mentioned I did a pretty thorough search and this is a great example of a wish that exists that can serve as the function you are asking for but would be hard to find by searching :slight_smile:

Big thanks to @ambivalence for chiming in. Much appreciated :slight_smile: