Different Sound on SD Card and Instrument Window

hello everyone. i am very new to my polyend tracker mini. unfortunately the sounds loaded from the sd card to the instrument window sound different. the chosen kick for example sounds like a tom. this issue is just present in some of the instruments. do you guys know how to fix this problem? thanks. sebastian

Hey @sebastian.kluge , welcome to the community! :partying_face:

I’ve got something you can try. Go to Config → Project Settings → Snap to Zero. Then turn that option off and try again. Does that help?

hi sandroid. thanks for your help. turning snap to zero to off has changed the behaviour. now the kick sounds like the kick on the SD card but instead the hihiats sound like snares or they are barely not to hear :see_no_evil::joy: do i have to change to a specific note for the instrument to sound like on the SD card? sebastian

Glad the first problem was solved by this. It’s a known bug, but a fix should be on the way soon.

Regarding your Hihat - that is possible. usually a C5 should playback the sample at its intended speed (thereby sound correct). As is customary with trackers - they will pitchshift everything either down or up and thereby the audio will become slower or faster.

thanks again for your kind help. i am glad it‘s (just) a bug, so i keep on waiting for a firmware update. sebastian