Delay drop-outs on rendering a song, help needed!

Does anyone else experience delay FX or other FX drop-outs or glitches when you export a song? Pretty much every song I export certain samples refuse to render the delay to a couple of samples with FX applied to them within the 2 FX slots. When you play the pattern within song or pattern mode the FX is applied but when your render out/export the whole song certain specific samples at specific points in the song will simply not render the FX applied to them. Sometimes these FX will drop out when making the track but not very often and when played again they usually have the FX applied.

I know using the Tracker is all about problem solving but this is a puzzle with seemingly no solution as i have tried absolutely everything. Even rendering the sample with the FX applied and then a different sample won’t render it’s assigned FX (usually a delay). Most of the time if I render the sample with the delay from the song it’s fine although sometimes it drops out and rolls usually have a click at the very start.

I have tried absolutely everything i can think of, I even have two trackers and swapping the card back and forth and exporting from both Trackers still gives the exact same problem with the exact same track.

Anyone got any advice?