Chained variations

actually, this could be the way chained variations + recording will work. if there’s a need to record, let’s say, 8x sequences, user could chain them first, then enter rec mode. I guess, it shouldn’t change the way rec mode works at all (for example, it would still allow recording knob automations, but in «longer distance», like for long filter evolving with no abrupt ends). well, fingers crossed.


I’d love this wish.

I use the play for breakcore (like a piano roll tracker).

I for example want slow evolving pads at 1/8th & 1/16th speed, but don’t want my drums to repeat.

as is I have to chop my pad tracks in to small sections spread across multiple patterns so that my 64 step drum tracks don’t repeat. then to listen to the whole pad progression I’d have to chain patterns, which I can’t do when writing. only after.

chaining variations would allow me to write long passages of complex drums while my slow pads progress, all in 1 pattern.

this would make my life a lot easier :heart:

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