Can I Set a Default Sample For A Track?

New Play+ user here. I’m really the unit, but I’m running into some workflow blocks. One is that when I want to be able to add new triggers/steps when sequencing a track more easily. For example, if I have 2 tracks, and I’ve just added a step to Track 1, and I want to add a step to Track 2, as far as I can tell, I have to go back and reselect the sample I’m using for that track. Otherwise, the sample I add will be the last one selected for Track 1. It’s very hard to remember what sample I was using, and it makes it really hard to test placement of steps. Is there a way to set a default sample for each track? I can copy steps I suppose but that’s a workflow stopper too. It would be great if any step on a track automatically used the default sample, unless another sample was selected. Hoping I’m missing something, any help is appreciated.

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there are no default samples on the play. it’s “pick & place” kinda vibe. tracks are agnostic.

this has its perks once you get in tune with how it functions.

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is there a possibilty to slect a step and get to show the name of the sample in the display

hmmm, this feels odd in my view. what are the perks to not having a default track sample? do people just copy and paste pads when adding a step? i’m constantly fumbling trying to remember which sample I have selected for a track and what the names are. maybe i’ll get used to it…

I like the pick and place vibe, but a default “pick” would make programming a pattern so much for flowing for me. I’m used to Elektron boxes where you can save sounds, and where you still have all the pick and place options, but tracks have defaults. I’m hoping I’ll get used to Play as I really like the possibilities for new creative things with it.

Touch the Sample encoder, hold Shift and press the step you want to know the sample of.

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There is a related wish welcoming votes: Work step per row / a row keeps its sound / traditional programming mode

Something people do that might help you is to use the last track as a palette, having there your frequently used steps, that you can easily copy & paste.

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I hear you. apart from m8 this is my first real deviation from Elektron in like a decade :smile:

it’s not so much a perk, but having tracks being sample-agnostic means it’s completely a blank canvas. anything can go anywhere, and similar to a tracker the tracks don’t house the parameters. there’s no track level, filter etc. it’s all per sample per step.

so for me it makes me approach writing slightly differently to elektron, which I like. and being a completely blank slate, you could chain all 128 patterns and have something evolve wildly like a set. I really like that, it’s an interesting concept.

I agree sometimes id like a default track sound. maybe I’m just used to it, but I do also like different approaches so I’m good with it.

it’s taken me a little while to get used to but it’s pretty intuitive when it clicks. tho yea it can get a little chaotic if you’re writing mad shit like I do :laughing: I guess having a solid structure of what you tend to put on which track every time you start would be smart. I have yet to do this.

lots of holding down the main encoder n tap a step to hear what sample it is. I be doing that a lot.

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The solution would be “quick copy”. From the manual: Press and hold a grid pad for about half a second. The pad will blink twice, and its parameter values will now be copied to the clipboard. While still holding the source pad, indicate the target pad where it will be copied.

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Not sure if you saw my videos on the play, but I introduced an “idea” for setting up a “palette”, you can pick one row and then go to maybe variation 16 (as a sort of pull out drawer) and then program each of your pads into this area. That way you can pick and play from the palette. That’s what I would recommend :slight_smile:


Fully agree. While pick and place offers great flexibility, it also breaks the flow of the interactive experience. (Picking samples via the menu move the users attention away from the tactile grid and copy/paste on the grid is a relatively slow game for people with good memory skills).

I have sketched out an alternative approach (see link below) that combines the best of all worlds, and is fully in line with the play’s interaction paradigm.

Feel free to add your vote here: Faster pick and place with a user-customizable sample palette

This would really be a major (work)flow experience improvement :dizzy:

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