Bug when using external MIDI device - Hold/Retain notes on Mini when changing between screens/pages

Sometimes I like to make long drones and I’ve been playing with this on the Tracker Mini, by having an external MIDI device with notes held/latched endlessly. The Roland S1 works well for this task.

The only problem with doing this on the Mini is that if I move between different screens that the Mini doesn’t retain the held MIDI notes that were sent to it.

An example is that if you’re on the ‘Instrument Parameters 1/2’ page and then switch to the ‘Instrument Automation 2/2’ page, the notes are dropped - even though these are just the 2 parameter pages for the same instrument.

Surely this a bug.

Ideally I think the notes should be held regardless of what screens you switch between, on all screens where you can play notes via MIDI. (So that’s all of them other than ‘Sample Editor’, ‘Sample Recorder’ and ‘Games’).

I’ve got a feeling that there’s more retention of held down notes on the OG Tracker pads when switching between screens, but I’ll test this later.