Beginner Questions

Just starting out with the Play+

  1. Is there a way to demo a sample with the track going other than having to hold down a button? When the track isn’t going you can just scroll through a sample and hear what the sample sounds like. Once the tracking is playing a simple scroll doesn’t play it anymore, and you are forced to hold the button down where you plan to place it, while demoing. Makes it a little tedious.

  2. Is there was way to copy/paste a group of patterns? I figured out how to copy and paste single patterns, but can you do a multi select to copy and paste larger blocks of patterns?

  3. When using mono packs I’m only getting sound out of the left side of my headphones. I get it it’s a mono track, but is there a way to configure it to do some dual mono on both sides, or something to balance it when using headphones?

  4. Is there a way to see how a block is configured without altering it? Sometimes I’ll be wanting to go back to figure out how I had a specific block configured but end up replacing it or altering it with whatever is configured with the current settings.

  5. Does Polyend have a repo for other samples that can be downloaded to the device or is this it? Are there other makers of high quality packs?

Does anyone know of a good video or two for some in depth tutorials? The Polyend stuff is really good, but sometimes a bit too fast and maybe a bit more advanced than someone getting comfortable with the controls.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @whizzinby, welcome to backstage and great to have you as part of the community :slight_smile:
I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

I believe what you want to do is click the screen encoder, go to Settings, and check the “Knob Preview”
setting. You have a choice to preview the change of any parameter only during playback, only when playback is stopped, or have preview on in both scenarios.

As far as I am aware of, the functionality of the Shift button and the way you can select particular steps or a range of steps is not implemented on the pattern level. It does sound like a great wish to recommend if you feel like bringing an idea to the Polyend team :slight_smile:

That doesn’t sound right at all. Could you share how you are monitoring the audio coming out of the Play? If you plug a pair of headphones directly from the out of the Play, do you still experience this issue?

I don’t quite understand the question. Could you elaborate on what you mean by a “block”?

Not specifically. On the Polyend site, in the “What’s Up” section there were some talks with artists and some references to their sound packs. I can personally recommend the this.

For you last question, the best in depth tutorial I’ve come across thus far is

Hope that answers some of your questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply @dan.lgrnd . Haven’t quite figure out the quote functions here so…

  1. That works perfect! So much easier to build a beat when you can preview samples during playback. Thank you!

  2. Ok so if I’m reading this right, there is no way to copy and paste multiple patterns at once, only one by one.

  3. I have a set of AKG headphones I’m plugging into the 3.55mm output jack. I’m only getting audio on the right side (misspoke above) unless I’m using a stereo pack.

  4. Sorry I’m not familiar with the lingo yet, by block I mean the little touch square you use to trigger a sound. Maybe that’s referred to as “step”, but again I’m not versed in the lingo used for this device yet. Just trying to figure out what is the process to go back and see how a particular “step, block, etc” is setup, without either removing it or altering it. Like “how did I configure that bass step yesterday” how could I look or find how an old step was setup. (Particularly the sample and note used)

I figured out the headphones. My AKG’s have a screw adapter end so you can convert to 1/4” jacks, and I guess that doesn’t let it seat properly in the Play. When I plug in my Slate headphones it plays both sides.

But I’ll add another question. Once you select Fill, how can you undo it? I engaged it on a sequence and couldn’t disengage it. I tried Shift+Reset, or tapping Fill again, and just can’t get it to disengage the fill function.

When you very quickly click one of those steps its treated as a delete, press and hold even for a tiny bit like 1/4 a second or even a little less and it’s treated as if you selected it. You can experiment a bit to get a sense of how long is enough to not be wasting your time holding too long and still not risk accidentally deleting something.

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(Let’s wrap up here the existing questions and let’s close this topic, otherwise we risk attracting all kinds of “beginner questions” in a single topic. It is better to have one topic for each question. Easier to answer and easier for other people to find them in the future.)

Press the step you want to check and while you keep pressing it, tap the knobs to see the corresponding values of this step.

If you just want to deactivate Fill, you can press the “Back” button.

If you want to undo a fill you just created, you can press Shift + Back (Undo).

PS: Have you checked the Play+ manual? Reading manuals can be boring and even confusing but this one is very well written.

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