Audio static/intereference from Play when powered off

Hi, I’ve noticed that when Polyend Play is powered off when plugged to AC there is a pretty audible audio static/interference coming from the audio out of the device. I have confirmed this issue with two separate Play-devices.

Is there anything that can be done about this? These are the only devices in my studio that suffer from this and it’s tedious to unplug the Plays each time I’m not using them.

Any ideas?

Huh, interesting. The Polyend devices are among the quietest in my studio when turned off (including the Play).

  • What’s the powersource for the Play?
  • Does this happen when the Play is powered by a powerbank
    (or turned off on a powerbank for that matter :laughing:) ?
  • Does it happen when Play is connected to a different outlet?

Hi, thank you for the swift response.

The powersource is a rack power strip with eight slots. The devices are using the included power adapters and the included USB-cables.

Audio Out is connected to the split adapters that come with the device, and audio cables are connected to my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as stereo pairs, four channels total for two devices.

The only other device i’ve ever had that happen with was a Microfreak, never quite figured out what it was. But since i’m using a RME Interface, i just muted the channel while i wasn’t using it.

If you can, try a powerbank. If the hum is gone, there is apparently a minimal groundloop issue, that seems to solve itself the moment the Play draws power.

For what is worth, I just tested this in my setup and I can’t hear anything. With the Play off, I need to add +40dB gain on the line input to see some green appearing in my audio interface’s display. And I’m only seeing the small green bar, with my ears I can’t hear anything on the headphones or speakers. For what is worth, when turned on but stopped, the green bar starts showing up at about +30dB gain.

I agree with Sandroid, in my case this device is silent until you press Play (pun intended). :wink: