Any way to make sample preview stereo?

Good morning, team,

Just got my Tracker Mini and I’m excited to start exploring it. Love that it has stereo samples, which really adds a lot to a mix. However, when I’m loading samples, I can’t preview samples in stereo; rather, they only preview in mono (despite being stereo samples). Is this a limitation, a bug, a user mistake, or something that will be changed in future? I can’t seem to find an answer here about it, and I didn’t catch it in the manual. I would just love to preview the samples in stereo.

Thanks kindly for any help in advance!


Hey Jay,

This is indeed something that will change in the future. We will add preview to stereo samples, as of right now all previews are in mono.

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Hey, thanks so much for letting me know! I’ll cross my fingers that’s on the list for a sooner versus later update, but thank you for your work, in either case.