An ADSR amp envelope for audio samples

What is the problem?

The Play only offers Attack and Decay effects for audio samples. This is usually enough for percussive sounds but not for melodic ones, where Sustain and Release effects are also expected.

What do you want to achieve?

A full amp envelope would allow the very basic sculpting of how a sample plays out, with simple ADSR controls. It would be very useful with melodic samples such as pads and soundscapes.

Are there any workarounds?

Do your best with the current Attack and Decay effects.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Polyend Tracker, MPC Live, Circuit Rhythm, NI Maschine, Sonicware SmplTrek, any sampler/synth would have a basic amp envelope to sculpt a sound.


@troxx There are also Attack and Decay controls for samples, which give basic envelope shaping. Does that fulfill your wish? Thanks for contributing.

Hi @miropoly, thanks for your response, yeah these controls are fine, but a Sustain & Release would help for how a samples sustains and ends upon the end of sequence of active steps, it sort of interconnects with another request of allowing note length of audio samples

If Allow note length for audio samples on the grid is eventually implemented, the current Attack and Decay would still be applied at the beginning and end of the audio event regardless of how its length across steps. Or at least we can specify this assumption there.

@troxx this is not true, we have Attack and Decay as discussed above.

@troxx this is also not true. You can control the sample start = trigger.

I have updated the description accordingly. Yeah, I had missed this detail even if I use these Attack and Decay effects myself. I blame editing too early in the morning. :wink:

Apologies, I overlooked Attack/Decay parameters as I was focussing on the Sustain and Release of a sample after the sample is triggered on a step, full ADSR controls would be useful for a sample if Allow note length for audio samples on the grid was implemented.

@troxx thanks for contributing! Unfortunately we have to decline this for technical limit reasons.


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