Allow patterns to play in certain orders and certain times - Song Mode

What is the problem?

In the Play’s Song Mode it’s only possible to play individual patterns, or chain them sequentially. This basic implementation of Song Mode misses the possibility to easily create and update song structures.

What do you want to achieve?

Allow patterns to be played in ANY order, not just sequentially or individually. In a true Song Mode it should be possible to play pattern 1 (x4), then pattern 2 (x2), then pattern 1 (x2), then pattern 3 (x4) etc. This would allow song structures to be built, so the producer can just hit play and focus on applying effects in Perform mode.

Are there any workarounds?

Although song structures can be created by copying patterns in a sequence, any changes in a pattern must be then replicated manually in the other instances, which is impractical and prone to mistakes.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

MPCs, Elektron devices…


Looks good! I have edited the request a bit for completion. If the changes are ok, we can move this draft to the #wishlist.

Thank you! Moved to the #wishlist and accepting votes now.

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This is also how Pocket Operators work. Brilliant. Want it as hell. Also, the relatable thing:

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Agree this would be amazing. I’m also finding that because a pattern only plays once it doesn’t adhere to Chance rules you have created because it always retriggers from the start.

So let’s say I have a pattern where parts are on a “play 2, skip 2” setup. If I copy that pattern out to make a chain of 4, it doesn’t actually execute that “play 2, skip 2” rule because every time it plays a new pattern, it starts from 1 again, meaning the skips never happen.

I guess the alternative would be for the Play to recognise when you’re chaining the same pattern and to then adhere to the Chance rules you have put upon that pattern. Either would work.


An idea of one possible method by which this could be simply and seamlessly achieved:

A way to make chaining patterns more creative and flexible would be to allow non-consecutive patterns to be chained by holding shift + the patterns – once you let go, then those patterns play as a chain until you jump out of chain mode or select a new chain.

An option could be pop up in the main menu to “Save Chain” – this could then appear in Pattern Mode as a different colored button. You now have individual patterns in Pattern Mode (white buttons), as well as “Chain Patterns” which hold arrays of different patterns in any order. Then patterns within an array of a Chain Pattern could appear as a third color. For added complexity, Chain Patterns can include Chain Patterns (for arrays of arrays) which would appear in a fourth color (I assume these varying colors are possible owing to the change in colors in Perform Mode).

This would not compromise any current functionality and would be a simple way to add a new creative dimension to this inspiring device.


Love this idea. I think this would solve another inconvenience which occurs when I have a repeated pattern (a verse for example) that I realize needs to be modified, typically a volume adjustment. I then need to identify all the places that pattern exists (not an easy task) and replace it with the updated version.