All-audio hard stop and more

Had an extended session last week. Here are two things I wish were available:

  • All-audio hard stop (mega reverb tails can go for minutes…)
  • Chances that stack (it appears you can only have one chance rule per note? Despite there being like 8 possible Chance options)

Hi @Territoires, thank you for contributing your wishes! We are starting to build a community wishlist. Wishes must be submitted on #wishlist:draft-wishes. See Writing a good feature request.

Is this what you mean?

When a long sample still sounds after the sequencer is stopped, you can cut it simply
by touching the Master Volume knob.

I will have to try that! I feel like I did. This was not the sample itself playing, but the reverb.

Right, the reverb tail will still continue after all samples are hard-stopped with a master volume tap.

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Hmm, yeah so with any of the longer-tail reverbs, that can last really long, and clip pretty hard, too.

The way I got around it was to open another project, and then return to the first project afterwards.