Accessing MIDI notes 0-11

My main use for the Play is MIDI sequencing a Buchla Easel Command, which has a bit of an odd MIDI implementation.

Its accessible note range starts at MIDI note 24 where you would get C1, but it uses certain notes in the 0-11 range to trigger certain parts of the synth.

It seems that the Play’s MIDI note range is 12-127 and I can’t access any of the notes I need from 0-11. I just got the Play yesterday and I’m no MIDI expert, so I just wanted to post here and see if what I’m experiencing makes any sense.

Never noticed the note range wasn’t full. Hmm. Maybe something like a MIDI Solutions Event Processor or other MIDI processing device could transpose the Play’s output for you? I know spending more money isn’t the most ideal solution.