A workaround for midi clock jitter/drift when syncing the Play+ to daw

hey yall,

yesterday I spent a bunch of the day trying to get the play+ to synk to the daw over usb. I couldn’t get it to work, so I came here and saw a bunch of frustrated threads with no solutions. I just started trying random things and I found one that works, so I wanted to share it. It’s very simple: don’t use usb in on the play! I had one of these lying around, I popped on the converter that came with the play+ and it just worked.

It’s not a hundred percent stable, but it’s pretty close, and more importantly it doesn’t drift. I jammed with it for about a half hour late last night and it stayed in sync. I’d switch back to USB (exact same data) just the check and the drift and jitter made it unusable. It’s unclear why, but it seems like in my system jack=good, usb=bad. FWIW: I am using the Play+ with no hub, but the usb-midi dongle with a hub.

the upshot is that I’m thrilled that I can actually use the play+ with the daw (at the expense of an extra usb slot) without having to wait for a firmware update.