128 GB card and flashing light at powering on

Hello, a while ago I bought a 128GB Sandisk Extreme card and it is the one I use with the tracker all the time.

The problem is that every time I turn on the tracker with that card there is a flash on the screen that lasts a microsecond, and I don’t want to burn the screen due to misuse.

I don’t know if it will be a normal behavior… but everything always works perfectly. When I insert the original 16GB one, that flash doesn’t happen… It’s always just when I turn on the device. I don’t want to shorten the life of my tracker so I don’t know if I should keep using that card. Is this behavior normal? Thank you.

This is normal behavior and we haven’t had any reports of screen failure due to using larger SD cards and this flash that we are aware of.
It is likely that the additional memory requires a longer processing time at boot up, and this delays the proper activation of the display relative to turning on the backlight. Still, it is safe. We can possibly improve this behavior in the future but many people on the Polyend team also use 128 SD cards and experience this flash, myself included, with no long term screen issues.


Thank you very much!

i can confirm what @Mitch replied. Have been testing different SD cards and the flashing screen is more noticeable with slower and bigger SD cards. The larger the card (and slower) the more I notice the flashing screen during bootstrap.


Thank you very much for make the test.

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