1.7 b533 Sample Recorder Preview Bug w 4 bar sample

Bug Description

Sometimes I get a bug where the Sample Recorder page’s preview only plays a tiny bit of the recorded sample.

Video here: https://youtu.be/rJnEv0qXd4A?si=qykh4zmjGB3b7jTP

Reproduction Steps

I was recording a MIDI controlled SE02 via line in


It has happened a few times but doesn’t happen every single time.

Once it happens though, that’s it usually. No more preview playback without a reboot.

Found in



Video: https://youtu.be/rJnEv0qXd4A?si=qykh4zmjGB3b7jTP

Project: Dropbox - KIT FACTORY 2.zip - Simplify your life


Hi @thephatconductor , thanks for catching this one on camera and sharing with us. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reproduce it so far… we’ll keep trying. Please let us know if it happens again and you have more info why.

huh. one would think sharing the project would be enough?

at that point I was still trying to use snap-to-zero but have since abandoned that feature.

were you trying it with snap-to-zero on?

We are loading your project and Snap to zero setting is saved with the project, so yes.
We’ll keep trying. Thank you.

This happened to me, but after I’d been cropping samples in the import window. It seems the start and end points were persistent?